PublicBuddy is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. PublicBuddy empowers its mobile users to capture and submit geo-tagged data for any event, incident or occurrence through Mobile Apps running on iOS or Android platforms.

The captured photos, video clips, audio recordings, digital forms, and textual remarks are tagged with geo-location and date-time information. PublicBuddy provides a real-time reporting solution for yielding analytical and geospatial intelligence to make informed decisions.

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geoCallout is an Add-In Utility for Esri ArcGIS Desktop 10.x.x versions. geoCallout produces smart callouts encompassing tabular data with the custom leader-lines attached to respective map features. Its outputs are highly customizable and works with points, polylines or polygons geographic features. It can service data from many sources, such as shapefiles, personal geodatabase or dynamically created joins.

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Geotab Telematics

Geotab Telematics is comprehensive Enterprise Fleet Management and AVL solution. Offering breakthrough innovation in fleet management, the Geotab GO device provides premium quality and unparalleled capabilities in vehicle tracking and 3rd party integration with IOX. Geotab technology can be easily customized to meet business needs today, while also being entirely scalable and flexible to cater to your fleet needs tomorrow.

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